Training course in Biodiversity information:

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Training: 03/06/13 – 28/06/13

Where: The Royal Museum for Central Africa

The training will be organized by Biodiversity Information and Cybertaxonomy Cell with the support and funding from the Framework program of the Belgian Directorate General for Development Cooperation (DGDC). The concept of “Biodiversity Information” includes monitoring, conservation and technological innovation adapted to small-scale and infrastructure-limited contexts, taxonomy, climate change, collection management, data mining, distribution modeling. Our goal is to promote the conservation of biodiversity by improving the availability and accessibility of biodiversity data, and to facilitate further information gathering.

Main objective:

The main objective of this training is to improve the understanding and application of biodiversity information for Sub-Saharan African scientists, university members and students and to increase their participation and ownership in biodiversity informatics.

More specifically :

  • To help researchers identify the data from collections, databases and literature that are in their possession and relevant for an on-line publication.
  • To involve scientists in digitizing, accessing and sharing data using internationally recognized protocols and tools as those recommended by the GBIF and the Biodiversity Information Standards.
  • To enable the use of GIS tools for the visualization of distribution data

For detailed information, see the announcement of the call (pdf file, in English)


The program of Biodiversity Information Training


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Tel.: +32 2 769 56 691
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